QC Shopper Program

QC Shoppers provide feedback which helps us continue to provide consumers with the highest quality and freshest tasting berries. To become a QC ("Quality Control") Shopper you must first apply for the program and be selected as a QC Shopper in your local market or region. All we ask is that our QC Shoppers buy Somerfield Farms product in the store and provide feedback to us through the online portal or mobile app. We collect information about the aesthetics, quality, taste and many other key points that help us in maintaining the best berries you can buy. From that data we match it up to the farm and even the patch that the berries were grown in. All-in-all the QC Shopper is one of the most beneficial steps to consistently delivering quality to our customers.

We appreciate all of our QC Shoppers and the time they take to provide us with feedback! Somerfield Farms provides QC Shoppers with a rewards program as a way to say thank you. The rewards help offset the cost of the berries and incentivize them to continue providing quality control information back to us. Thanks to our QC Shoppers we will be able to monitor each and every step of the process all the way to our customers table. Sign up today and maybe you will become our next QC Shopper in your area!

QC Shopper Registration

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