• non gmo verified berries

Responsible Farming

Our farms are stewards of both the land and the people that help to raise your food. Read more below to find out why responsible farming is important.

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Food Safety

We've re-written the book on food safety! Our farms are using the state-of-art systems to provide oversight on growing, harvesting, packing and shipping our berries.

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At Somerfield Farms we have developed our own grading criteria, to guarantee that the berries we sell are the best you can buy.

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Our Pledge

When you buy Somerfield Farms berries you can rest assured that you are buying the best quality berries for you and your loved ones!

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The Somerfield Difference

Helping the land & people thrive!

Responsible farming starts with taking care of both the land, and the people that work that land. Our farms work hard to protect the local ecosystems and to grow quality berries in a sustainable way. In order to grow produce in this manner, it takes a tremendous work force, and dedication to the supervision of those who grow, pick and pack our berries.

Our families eat our berries too.

We wouldn't expect you to eat something that we would not feed our own children! With all the concern around genetically modified foods, we took it upon ourselves to verify all of our operations as GMO free zones making us one of the first Non-GMO berry growers in the country.

We also have created our own standards that meet or exceed the requirements set by the FDA and USDA. Our farms use a specially developed system to track all processes around growing, harvesting, packing and shipping. We have set the standard for produce traceability with integrated trace back systems that go beyond the requirement of the industry. Not only can we tell what farm farm produced a product: but, we know exactly which area of the farm produced our product, who harvested it at a specifically identified time, and who packed and prepared our product to be shipped. All our farms participate in food safety audits by third-party auditors who have a valid Global-Gap certification or greater.

Not all "standards" are the same!

In effort to protect consumers, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has developed a food quality standard for all produce commodities. While many use this as a gold standard, we took it even further. Our grading system has been overhauled to guarantee that the fresh berries you get at your local store, are the best you can buy! At Somerfield Farms quality is important to us. While there is no USDA standard for taste, we grow specific varieties that have exceptional taste profiles. Pick up a carton of Somerfield Farms berries today and taste the difference for yourself!

Our promise to you

As a consumer you have to trust in the products you feed your family. Our commitment to you is to grow and pack high quality berries to promote health and wellbeing for those we serve.